[form-input name=’Laboratory code’]

[form-insert-file name=’select a file’]

[form-input name=’Tube code:’ value=” type=’inlin’]

[form-select name=’Chlamydia:’ key=’ct’ positive=’Positive’ negative=’Negative’ n_a=’N/A’]

[form-select name=’Gonorrhea:’ key=’ng’ positive=’Positive’ negative=’Negative’ n_a=’N/A’]
[form-button name=’Update database’ text_error=’An error has occurred’]

[error-processing validInsert=’The record has been stored in the database’ keyError=’key error:’ queryResult=’record(s) have been stored in the database’ queryResultError=’record(s) have not been stored in the database because of error:’ errorLaboratory=’The laboratory code is empty’ errorTube=’Tube code @ already exists’ tubeCodeEmpty=’The Tube code is empty’ ngCt=’Neither ct nor ng value is not set’ buttonViewResultError=’view full list’ ]